~ Stories waiting to be sewn ~


What is Eat Me Ink Me?

Eat Me Ink Me is a fashion label, that is inspired by the elegance of the past eras and alternative influences. Reinventing the eternal battle between style and fashion, Eat Me Ink Me tries to invent stylish clothing from fashions long gone. Using the prints and materials both new and vintage, EMIM tries to tell stories through clothes to make each piece magical, ensuring they’re still unique, long-lasting and comfortable.


Little taste of history

Founded on 27th of October, 2008 as a passionate hobby of graphic artist Lauma aka Zeloco, Eat Me Ink Me soon proved to have a life of it’s own! It all started with creating dresses, skirts, tops and accessories using inspirations from alternative and historical fashions and styles, that hasn’t really changed. Staying true to the darker and classical styles Eat Me Ink Me has created an alternate universe of style, that transcends time and social “norms”.
The person wearing the pieces is strong-willed, knows what they want and will get it no matter the obstacles. They wear their clothing as armor for battle, yet staying feminine and classy.