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Eat Me Ink Me has been featured in:

Myths of Our Own event in Ireland
Fashion show (video by Flyffy Kawaii Jo):

Gothic and Lolita festival in Russia
(video by Akari Hino):

(video by Sergey Shumov)

The Grand Embassy in Spain
Presenting ‘Seasons’ collaboration collection with My Inspiration
(video by Akari Hino)

Witches Follies’ in Finland
fashion show (video by FluffyKawaiiJo)

fashion show (video by TalkingToIchi)

event lookback (by FluffyKawaiiJo)

Japan Cosplay 2019 in Switzerland
EGL fashion show (video by Fluffy Kawaii Jo)

20 Lolita gift ideas from INDIE BRANDS
(by FluffyKawaiiJo)

Japanese fashion magazine “Melt” in Hellocon event recap (issue 00)


Actress Inita Dzelme showing off her EMIM outfit on the pages of “Privata dzive” magazine (issue 740, 2.-8. july, 2013)


Anita Intaite wearing EMIM skirt in Sejas article.


Anita wearing EMIM skirt in “Tu kluse” music video.

More smaller features.