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what is emim

Eat Me Ink Me is inspired by the elegance of the past eras and alternative influences. Reinventing the eternal battle between style and fashion, Eat Me Ink Me tries to invent stylish clothing from fashions long gone. Using the prints and materials both new and vintage, EMIM tries to tell stories through clothes to make each piece magical, ensuring they’re still unique, long-lasting and comfortable.

The person wearing the pieces is strong-willed, knows what they want and will get it no matter the obstacles. They wear their clothing as armor for battle, yet staying feminine and classy.


Founded on 27th of October, 2008 as a passionate hobby of graphic artist Lauma aka Zeloco, Eat Me Ink Me soon proved to have a life of it’s own! It all started with creating dresses, skirts, tops and accessories using inspirations from alternative and historical fashions and styles, that hasn’t really changed. Staying true to the darker and classical styles Eat Me Ink Me has created an alternate universe of style, that transcends time and social “norms”.


Q: Where can I find feedback / reviews on EMIM?
A: I have reviews visible on EMIM etsy and under the reviews tab on facebook.
I collect blogs/vlogs/etc from past clients, talking about their experiences here. If you’d like me to add your review to the list – just let me know about it! ^^

Q: Where can I leave feedback?
A: If you have ordered through etsy you should be able to leave feedback on your order details page (unless the time frame has ran out) if it has or if you ordered straight through email or social media, you can leave feedback on EMIM facebook page under the “reviews” tab.

Q: What size is item x/what sizes do you offer?
A: Each listing should have sizing information, if not – don’t hesitate to contact me with the link to the particular item. For general sizing information – I offer custom sizing (so – made to fit you) for some items. Upon request (and if possible) I can make the standard sized/ready made items made to measure to you, too.

Q: Where can I find EMIM policies?
A: At the very bottom of the store main page under “Terms and conditions“.

Q: I want to return my item, how do I do that?
A: Please read our “Return policy”. If you need to contact us, you can do so via messaging through email, wherever you ordered our item or using the contact form above.

Q: How do I wash my item?
A: You can find general care instructions here. If you’re still unsure – be sure to contact me.

Q: How do I know if my item is shipped out?
A: You will receive a confirmation message/email, that will include a tracking number. If you haven’t received it yet, please make sure that you check the processing times (time before shipment) and that the estimate of the processing time has passed. Usually I do my best to update about any hold-ups, but in case I haven’t – be sure to contact me directly via the form above.

Q: When is my item going to arrive?
A: You can check your tracking number here. for general standard shipping estimates (these are not promises and do not include processing times, just how practice has shown for regular days):
– US: 2-4 weeks (about the same for Covid-times)
– Canada: 3-4 weeks (at least 4-5 weeks for Covid times)
– Europe: 1-3 weeks (about the same for Covid-times)
– everywhere else: 2-4 weeks (no estimates during covid times, but I’d assume it’d take a couple weeks more)

Q: I need my item by this date, can I get it?
A: Please look over the time frames above to see if it might work, then contact me for processing time estimates. Please consider, if it’s holidays, when the estimate time could be even longer. If you need a rush order, be sure to contact me and I will see if I can do it, but take shipping times into consideration before you do as as I don’t offer overnight shipping, unless you’re in Latvia.

Q: I saw this item that has been sold. Can I get one just like it?
A: Please contact me for details, but make sure if it’s not a OOAK item (usually tagged with OOAK, vintage materials etc) as I might not be able to make one just like it. Pricing also might differ from the original item price.

Q: I’m a blogger/vlogger/model/etc and would like to promote/collaborate with EMIM, would you be interested?
A: Please contact me with the details of what you are offering and what you are looking to get. I do not use paid promotions, so if you’re looking for that, I am not open to that. If you’re looking for a barter, I can see what you’re offering and if I’m able to work with you at that particular time.

Q: I am making an event, would you consider donating a prize for it?
A: I am open to donating for events, but I will consider the size (attendance) and location (geographical) of the event as well as the promotion you will be offering to the brand. Extra points, if it’s a reoccurring event and if you offer to cover shipping for the prizes. Contact me with the details.

Q: I would like to commission something/order an existing design with some alterations. How do I go about doing that?
A: You can always drop me a message with what you have in mind and we can go from there. You can read an in-depth description of how I usually do commission work. For smaller design alterations it might be easier, but I usually look at each custom order on case-to-case basis and decide then. But don’t be shy to ask about what you have in mind! ^^

Q: What are “Story Tellers”?
A: I’ve always seen fabric and materials as untold stories, so every time I make an item – I tell half of it’s story! The person, who ends up wearing the item gets to tell the full story! I never really like the titles “fan” or “follower” for anyone, who likes to tag along the EMIM story, I feel like they are more than that – they are the heroines of their own stories, they are the Story Tellers.