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With the recent survey I did with You, guys, I got so many insight and I will do my best to tackle all of the ideas you set for me. Some of you pointed out that they’d like a more in-depth information of how I do custom commissions, so I’d like to cover that today.

I have had already written out a small bullet-point type of explanation of general way of how I do that (under “Additional policies and FAQs” in the shop policies), but I always look into each custom order on case-to-case basis, just to make sure it’t the best fit for both You and me. Plus, circumstances change, so some things might be quick and some might take a while to make.
I’ve also made a more visual, step by step guide on facebook for custom order, using a custom order I’ve made in the past.

STEP I: I have an idea…

It all, of course starts with You contacting me on either of my social media (but preferably via e-mail) with either general idea of what You have in  mind, or a photo of what you have in mind or at least as reference point. I greatly appreciate any visual materials at this step as it’s easier to start with something rather than nothing.
You can use the following guide for reference and questions I will most probably ask after Your initial email:

  • characterize the item You have in mind (the design as well as how you want it to fit)
  • the colors/color combination/print or if You’re totally set on particular color/shade or open to what I might offer to fit the style You want. Goes the same for materials (cotton/mix/synthetic etc) and lace (cotton/embroidered/venice/raschel etc). I will look for materials locally, but if something is not available, we can resort to online search (If we find something that works for the design online I’ll ask you to order it, but add my address as the shipping address. I would notify you as soon as I receive the materials. Of course – this means added timing to the timeline).
  • if You have any particular details You totally love/have to include in the item (like velvet ribbon or crochet lace) or totally don’t want to see (like grosgrain ribbon or lace in general) or maybe details You do/don’t want.
  • if possible – include images (even a not so good sketch is well appreciated!) of the design and/or the material samples You might want (colors and/or design)
  • Time-frame/deadline, if You have an event You need this item by. Please consider shipping times! You can get a general time estimates in shop policies under “Shipping/shipping times” (You can see express shipping estimates under that). A good rule of thumb is to contact me at least a 3-4 weeks in advance, if You need your items for a specific date. 1 week of processing time would be considered a rush order and might include a rush fee (will be included in the price estimate I will be giving you).

Since the start of this year, I’ve started picking my commissions, so please consider if the items are at least one of the following:

  • lolita style (this includes lolita twist on cosplays, but not the other way round)
  • custom version of Eat Me Ink Me past/present items/prints
  • in the lolita aesthetic vein (this would include clothing, that isn’t lolita, but could be worn like it or shares the shape (retro/vintage styles, wedding and others for example).
  • gothic aesthetic vein, but reminiscent of lolita or aristo styles (like full length dresses/gowns, cloaks, hoods etc)
  • historically inspired items (Rococo, Victorian, some medieval – let me know what you have in mind!)

I will not be doing Your design, if they’re one of these:

  • regular cosplay (unless it’s as stated above).
  • suit/pants (unless bloomers or something ouiji/kodona, but would have to see what you’d like)
  • replica print item (I will do replica designs – either solid colors, or with the prints I offer).
  • sexual/fetish wear.

STEP II: Estimates and finalizing design.

After we’d discussed all the design and material details. I would make a sketch and write out all of the details as discussed, so I don’t miss anything and You can double check that. I ask for You to provide Your measurements, so I can estimate the pricing and timing for the order. We discuss payment plan, if You need that – depending on the total amount and time frame it would be 2-4 payments. If we’re not cutting the payments up equally, then the first payment would probably have a minimum, that depends on each order individually.
Very important! The first payment and/or percent of the commission price is non-refundable (the amount depends on each order, you can request me to calculate it before you pay anything). I’ve added this to my policies for commitment purposes and to cover any material cost, that I might have, in case You back out of the commission. This might not be applicable, if I haven’t bought any materials and/or started on the process, so You have a very small window of opportunity to cancel Your order before I start (usually first 24h, unless I state that I’m starting right away). Please consider this point before making payment.

STEP III: Processing

After You approve of the sketch/materials, time-frame, price and shipping option, I will send You an invoice. For partial payments I will send the invoice in full as Paypal now offers partial payment on invoices. I will start on the order after the first payment is made.
Depending on the size and time-frame of the order I might do updates for You  with/without photos of in-progress items. If You want to receive these – make sure to let me know and I will do my best to keep You updated.

STEP IV: Finalizing order

After I finish the order I will send You photos of the final product (usually on a mannequin, unless the sizing doesn’t allow it). You can request detail shots of anything You might want to double-check or see. If something is not up to par for You – I do my best to make it so it is.
After You approve of the final product and make the final payment (if on a payment plan), I would ship the item within the 1-2 workdays unless I’ve notified of other timing (in case of holidays or some other reasons) with Your preferred shipping option.

After this step things are literally out of my hands. I’d really appreciate if You updated me, when You receive the item(s), so I can be sure that they are “home”. Also, any kind of feedback, including constructive criticism, suggestions and reviews is highly welcome! I always try to improve both the quality of the items and the whole experience to make sure I bring the best to the table.
You can leave Your thoughts in the comments and review section on facebook for public viewing or website contact form and drop them by e-mail, if You don’t want them viewed by public.

I always love seeing Your new items worn, so You can always #eatmeinkme or tag @eatmeinkme on most social media.


I hope You found this informative and it cleared out some questions about the process. Remember that for any questions feel free to contact me – I don’t bite (unless it’s full moon). ☻


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