Care instructions

Washing and care instructions for most popular items. Follow these to make sure your item lasts longer!

Suggested for all:

♥ drip dry or dry flat
♥ do not bleach
♥ avoid tumble and dryer
♥ avoid using fabric softener
♥ avoid storing in direct sunlight to avoid fading
♥ for ironing the temperatures are suggested, please make sure that the settings are right for the materials.

HANDPAINTED prints (on polyester):

– before first wash iron the print on medium/medium high settings through a scrap material or parchment paper on the wrong side for additional paint sealing.
 –  some glitter/paint fallout in the first wash is normal, but it should be minimal
♥ hand-wash best (for print longevity), but ok to wash on delicate settings (up to 30°C) in washing machine
♥ avoid rubbing the print
♥ suggested to invert the item with the wrong side out (or in a delicates bag)
♥ iron on medium/medium low settings (as polyester) on the wrong side. Iron print through a scrap material or parchment paper.

ORIGINAL prints (polyester):
(for Eat Me Ink Me printed materials)

♥ machine wash on delicate settings (up to 30°C)
♥ iron on medium settings (as polyester) from the wrong side
♥ avoid tumble/dryer and fabric softener

VINTAGE materials:

♥ hand-wash best, machine wash on delicate settings only (up to 30°C)
♥ iron cottons on medium high (as cottons), synthetics on low to medium (as polyester from the wrong side)

PLAIN (no print) polyester:

♥ machine wash as synthetics (up to 60°C)
♥ tumble and dryer ok (unless there’s lace/tulle/velvet details)
♥ iron on medium settings (as polyester) on the wrong side
♥ be aware of lace, when ironing (best iron on low settings, if there’s lace detailing)

VELVET appliques:

♥ Handwash  up to 30°C
♥ drip-dry or dry flat
♥ Avoid rubbing at the appliques
♥ Iron from the wrong side only, through a scrap cloth  (also suggested to have an old towel under the velvet parts to avoid it getting ironed down)  on medium settings (as polyester)

If there are any questions or problems, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Skulls & Roses socks:

♥ Wash up to 30°C
♥ do not bleach
♥ do not use dryer
♥ can be tumble dried
♥ dry flat of hanging
♥ do not iron (Lace can be ironed on low settings)

(95% cotton, 5% Elastane main body; cotton/nylon lace)

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