Midnight Rhapsody II updates and new series!

Hello, dear friends! Long time to update, but it’s a good thing as I’ve been very busy. 

First, I’d like to clear some info about the Midnight Rhapsody release and why some of the orders are delayed. When I plan each release, I try to plan the timing for each part of the release (design production, sample making, photography, announcement, release, production timing, shipping timing, extra time for fuckups etc) as best as I can, taking previous releases into consideration. I try to fine-tune it for each piece, but I can’t help but to estimate what the general consensus will be for each release as they’re different (interest in the motifs, time of the year etc).
Following the near flop of the Magical Mermaid release, I had low expectations for the Midnight Rhapsody series, but you guys proved me wrong – it’s probably the most popular one this year! It might have been because I kept overthinking and fine-tuning the Magical Mermaid series, that I did quite the opposite for MR – I went with my gut.
Either way, the flood of orders came quite unexpected and I knew right away, that production time would be longer, than I anticipated. I had just started with my driving lessons as well, that took away even more time, that was really uncalled for.

I did manage to get the bulk of orders out before the end of October as promised, but a few last ones are still in the making. I don’t think you’d believe, but each dress takes me a good 3-4 full working days to finish. I know it’s deceiving with the simple-looking design, but it’s really like that! I had set a high standard for myself with this release and I was not going to cut any corners even with the time crunch.
All of the overdue order clients have been notified and I am giving them a few extras for their great patience!

Secondly! I will be  revealing the next series on Monday. As some of you might know – the series will be called quite simply “Skulls and Roses” and as you can tell – will feature skulls and roses   😀 I have been wanting to do a release as a tribute to my love of tattoo art since I started this brand, but I didn’t want it to be too “tattoo-y”, but rather a slight nod to the inked artform. I am quite excited about this release as it will feature so many details!


Have a great day!

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