Guest lecturing!

My friend AnitaIntaite.MakeUp&Style is teaching makeup and style at Saldus Profesionālā vidusskola and she invited me to give a lecture on lolita! I’ve never done anything like it before and was nervous that I could fill the time and I might totally fail and start to stutter or something, but it went great! I even didn’t have time to fully finish as I’ve made a presentation with over hundred slides to cover just the basics of the fashion (did manage to present info on the history, background, styles and styling of a coord) and my voice got a little raspy by talking so much, hahah 😀

Overall I was really impressed about how much I did AND -didn’t- know about the fashion and surprised that the students seemed to really enjoy and be interested in the style (some even asked Anita if they could write their essays on lolita as they had to write one on a particular style).
So yay! Super happy how it turned out as I had very little time and didn’t really sleep the day before, so I could finish the presentation ^^

Follow-up: I might be doing the second part of the presentation after all, but that would be a new story ^^

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