Upcoming events 2016

Finally I can share the bigger events Eat Me Ink Me will be taking part this year as we’ve been officially confirmed!


We’re coming back to Hellocon! Last year was so much fun, so EMIM jumped at the chance to take part in it this year, too! It promises to be even bigger and more awesome than last year – new gorgeous venue, some extraodinary activities like lolita stand up comedy and contests on tying the perfect bow and making a whole lolita outfit from paper and such materials. The Helsinki lolitas are really stepping it up this year!

I am also incredibly excited to meet the honorable guests – Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates! I’ve been really looking up to them for the past years and I’m excited to thank them personally for it, if I get the chance ^^


And this year we’re going to another abroad lolita event – Urban Fairytale, this time in Germany! I was hoping to add more abroad events for Eat Me Ink Me and I’m so glad I had the chance to.

The venue for this event is so gorgeous – a gothic fortress, that is perfect, in my opinion.  Can’t wait to see what fairytales this event will bring to reality!
Ironically enough, the honor guest for this event is also BtSSB and AatP along with Rin-chan! But one can never get enough of the brands! ^^



I would also like to present one of our sponsored events – Under the Sea in Netherlands, organized by Street Fashion Europe. They always have such gorgeous and lavish events and I’m happy EMIM had a chance to sponsor them this year, too. I hope one day EMIM will get a chance to vendor at one, too! Maybe next year!


Another sponsored event is LOST CHILD tea party in Spain.


MODERN DOLL fest and East Tea Party III organize by Rouge Dentelle & Rose Ruban Est are also one of our this year’s sponsored events c:



EMIM will be taking part in this year’s Unicon as usual – in the crafter’s section.


And we’re hoping to take part in this year’s Wintercon, too, but that is yet to be announced, so stay tuned!


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