Skulls & Roses updates and timeline

Timeline for the Skulls & Roses series, so you can see the current status until the series are retire.

5th of June
Last of the pre-paid orders sent out. The button sizing was different than advertised, so I had to redo almost all the button loops on the ready made dresses. Couple of Payment plan dress are still yet to be shipped (packed and ready to go after the payments come through).

20th of May
The buttons are finally here! First orders will be going out tomorrow!

27th of May

I have a very exciting postal note, that I got in my mail today. Looks like I had missed the first notification leaflet as this is the secondary one. I am really hoping it’s the buttons, will keep you guys updated!

21th of May
Pieces are all done for some time now, but still no buttons. I have contacted the supplier several times and I finally got an answer that it sometimes takes up to 3 months to receive and item.. I am making a decision, if the buttons don’t arrive by the end of next week (so the 28th), then I will just use the plain black buttons that the sample dress had and ship the dresses right away, so there is no more waiting time.

25th of April, 2017
Embroidered pieces have finally arrived! Starting on the orders right away! You will be notified, when your order is on it’s way or ready to ship, if you’re on payment plan!

20th of April, 2017
Small update – the embroiderer got back to me – the embroideries should come in next week. I will start on the dresses right away!

19th of April, 2017
All jewelry done.

16th of April, 2017
Socks, headdresses/brooches are done. Waiting for embroidery pieces and buttons.

11th of April, 2017
Lace arrived.

23th of March, 2017
Buttons shipped to me

20th of March, 2017
Fabrics received, embroidery prepped and ordered

13th of March, 2017
Fabric ordered.

12th of March, 2017
Material update: buttons are delayed due to quality issues, but it shouldn’t be an issue for the order departure times.

11th of March, 2017
Lace and buttons ordered. The wider lace and buttons will be different than sample items. The plain black buttons will be replaced by black rose shape buttons and the wider lace will be as follows (in black color, of course):

10th of March, 2017
Pre-order closed

22th of February, 2017
Online pre-order opens

18th of February, 2017
Live presentation in “Looking for Alise” fashion show and live pre-order opens


You can read before the pre-order here

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