My Inspiration collaboration

Hello, dear friends! I wanted to share a little about the recent collaboration I had with My Inspiration for the Grand Embassy fashion show pieces!


I had approached miss Akari (the creator behind “My Inspiration”) about a possible collaboration several years ago at one of the Hellocon events, I was a fan of her work and to my delight – she said it had been a dream of her to have her embroideries on dresses! I was so happy!

Due to our busy schedules we didn’t manage to come together to actually work on the pieces until this year, but better late than never!

Miss Akari had the idea of making four pieces – each representing a season. She sent me sketches of her ideas and I started working on them as soon as I had all the materials in my hands. Sadly due to time restraints I could only work on two of the four pieces (the Winter and Spring dresses), but I was still very pleased, that I could work on this collection. Being the talented creator that she was – miss Akari took it to herself to make the other two pieces as well as all the matching accessories.

Having only seen the sketches I had little idea of how the looks would come together and I was blown away, when I saw the final fashion show looks!


It was a great experience and a learning curve as to how I could do collabs in the future. I hope this will not be our last collab with “My Inspiration” brand c:

Here’s closeups of the final pieces we worked on together:


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