Overall news and postal service updates!

Hello! It’s great to see you in 2016! I hope that the year has started better for you than for Eat Me Ink Me. Things have gone on a bit of standstill – the sad reality of a one-person army. I’ve gotten sick (I haven’t been so sick for the past years!), but on the bright side, it has shone a bright light on this year’s resolution for EMIM – I need to find a “partner in crime” to help me out. I have a confession to make – I’ve been looking for one for the past year, but this year, I really need to find one, as I don’t like that all the orders and things, that I’ve planned, just sit and wait for me to get back on track. So wish me luck! ^^

Before some announcements, I’d like to also give you an update on the tracking situation, that I posted about a while back. Thankfully, our local Postal service has worked out the issue and the tracking is back for standart mail! It costs a little extra, but I will keep the previous prices, so no changes for you guys, only added extras ^^

Now for some announcements! ^^

First off, EMIM is officially sponsoring Under the Sea, which is a Street Fashion Europe organized event! We’ve sponsored other SFE events including La Vie en Rose and I hope this is not going to be our last ^^ For the sponsored item EMIM will be sending a small preview sample of one of our future planned prints, so stay tuned! ^^

Secondly, EMIM is hopefully going back to Hellocon! We’re confired as sponsors, but we’re yet to find out if EMIM will also be a ventor and/or take part in the fashion show. I’m so excited! We had so much fun last year and I had the chance to meet Asuka and Maki from Angelic Pretty! This year it’s Baby’s CEO and designer and I’m so excited for a chance to meet them as Alice and The Pirates is one of my favorite brands! ^^

As each year, Eat Me Ink Me is also hoping to take part in Unicon and Wintercon – the local universal conventions. There’s yet to be information announced about the events, but if the events are going to happen – there’s 90% chance EMIM will take part in them ^^

I’d also love to add more live events to this list this year (hopefully out of Europe?), but I will not share any more information as I don’t want to jinx the possibilities yet ^^

Events aside, I’d also love to share a little inside info about upcoming releases EMIM is planning!

The first print is long overdue collaboration with an amazing multi-artist and a friend of mine – Sabine Moore! We’ve been planning for this release last year, so finally we’re making it happen! This is going to be a bit of a different release than EMIM’s usual ones – a more casual, if you may. But I don’t want to give away too much! ^^

Second release is planned to open reservation around the time Hellocon is going to be, so, if the stars are right – we will be showcasing the designs and opening a special reservation on Hellocon c: This will also be the design that will be previewed at Under the Sea c:

These two are the solid releases – I have so many planned, but I will refrain from sharing too much details on the work in progress designs/prints, but I will say this much – there will be more gothic design this year for sure.

What are your New Year’s resolutions? Do you have really big ones or smaller ones? Do share!

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