Hello, dear storyteller! ♥

I have been meaning to keep You more up to date with the behind the scenes happenings and often times there aren’t that many exciting things happening. But there’s something brewing and I’d like to invite You to take a little peek! ^^


To start with the very exciting – Alberta is finally coming back! The re-release name will be “Albert’s street” for easier communication. Being that this was Eat Me Ink Me’s very first original print, I’m very excited to revisit the original art with a new twist in both the print and the item designs. I’m very excited to see what You think of it! ♥
I will drop the bomb about colorways. Thinking that I had over-done it in the last release, offering six colorways, but I have outdone myself this time by offering NINE colorways!
The amazing news on this don’t end there, but I would like some things a mystery for now ^_~

♥  ♥  ♥


Eat Me Ink Me lives by the standard, that once Halloween ends, you start the countdown to the next one, so obviously there will be a special Halloween release! Or two… c: The bats will be back as well as Skulls & Roses! In new, limited designs! Things are still in the works, so there’s little I can share for now, but keep an eye out for the following newsletters to keep up to date.


And starting now, all new subscribers get a chance to receive one of these Old Master’s pouches as a gift with their next purchase! After you confirm your subscription, you should receive an email about this possibility (if case you don’t – check your spam folder!). c:

♥  ♥  ♥

Speaking of newsletters, it has come to my attention, that due to some inside MailChimp changes some of the newsletter might slip through the cracks into your spam folders without you even noticing! :< I urge You to add our email (eatmeinkme @ gmail . com) to Your “safe” email list to make sure You receive all of our news. I know it’s a lot to ask, but as You might have noticed in all big social medias (facebook, instagram, youtube etc) there seems to be a trend of “hiding” small brands/pages and it’s increasingly turning out to be more and more of a challenge for us to reach You!
I’m doing my best to keep you guys updated on all platforms and this was one of the reasons I started the newsletter – to make sure that You, who don’t want to miss out on the bigger news. But once again, it is proving to be a challenge.

♥  ♥  ♥


On other important news – I am slowly, but surely working on some “inside” things to improve on the things I’m offering You. One of those is to try and keep the shop new and fresh. So I am looking forward to “cleaning out” some of the older designs (some of which are near 4-5 years old!) to make room for fresh designs. I will, of course, let You guys know, which designs are to go (like this skirt), so you still get a chance to get them, in case You want to c:

In the future I also will hold on to a “expiration” timing for most designs, so I get the change to bring you new and exciting things. I will also be doing more less visible overhauls, but I hope You will appreciate them just as much. The goal is to finalize all these things by early January, so we can start fresh and look to the brighter future c:

I would love to see Your input and if You’d like to have a finger in Eat Me Ink Me’s future, please consider filling out this survey. I will use this data to offer You the best I can.

♥  ♥  ♥

I still want to keep all channels open to You, guys, so be sure not to hesitate to contact me in any way – email, contact form, comments, DMs or PMs – whichever is your preference! I’m always open to your suggestions, constructive criticism, ideas or any other thoughts! I always try to answer within 24h window, in case I don’t within 48h – drop me a note again! ♥


Thank You so much for taking the time to read this! ♥

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