Discontinuing designs

EDIT: Updated shop with “Last chance” collection – for all designs to be discontinued and one of a kind items, that will be gone after sold. Click here to shop!

I’ve been meaning to many a coherent list of all the designs, that I will be discontinuing this year. I wanted to announce which they are, so you get a chance to order, in case you’ve been meaning to. But don’t worry – new designs are incoming! Some designs will just have altered details in bigger or smaller scale – just to refresh the shop offer.

Some designs I’ve already announced on facebook, but not all.  Click on the images to go to shop links.

Victorian High waist bustle back skirt.


Military Highwaist skirt


Vampira semi-highwaist skirt


Holy Cross series (skirt and jsk)


Batty Chan hairclips



There is also a set of items (mostly accessories), that are just available until stock lasts. I will not be updating all listings, just the ones, that have last pieces available (unless the items are OOAK, which means they are one-offs), but I will make an effort by adding stock count in the descriptions for future listings as some of you requested in the survey.

A note on the survey, I will be making a separate blog post about it as I got so many ideas from you, guys! It’s a lot clearer now what you’re looking for and I’ll be sure to implement changes to make things work better. c:

Don’t be shy to leave your thoughts, comments and concerns in the comments or send them privately via contact form c:


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