Time to take and time to give

Hello, Storyteller!


Raised so far: 33 eur
UPD: I am extending this activity for another week in hopes to raise over 20 eur c:
UPD: we hit over 21 eur!
UPD: donations closed, thank you! I will be making a separate post to round things up!
UPD: final entry here.

For this time of hectic sales and discounts I wanted to do something a little more special – to give rather to take. For the week long period (25th of Nov – 2nd of Dec) I will be donating 10% of all proceeds to a local animal shelter.
I am an unapologetic crazy cat lady and it hurts my heart, whenever I see a cat or any other animal for that matter, being treated like less than a living being. I would like to give my two cents to helping that, so I always choose to adopt rather than buy (I have adopted 4 cats so far!) and with this, I would like to help more the little guys I can’t adopt (although I’d very much like to!♥).

I have chosen to donate to “Ulubele” as it’s the biggest shelter I know, and having been there, with the sheer amount of animals they have with them – they need all the help they can get! So even if you don’t choose to order anything – consider donating anyway! They have a helpful list of things they need and the plans they have how to widen the sanctuary space as well as bank accounts, where you can donate straight to them!

If you’re a Latvia-local, do consider adopting one or more of their animals, if you can! If you can’t – they need people to help them to walk the dogs and such jobs, so if you’d like an animal, but you can’t commit now – consider helping with your time and love! ♥

You can meet my adorable friends in the picture and I will try and keep up to update the raised amount at the top of the blog, so it’s easily noticeable! ♥


Thanks so much, you guys!

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