Romantica Obscura collection


Finally the release is mere inches from being open! The listings have already been set up for you to look at them, pick and choose, ask questions if you have any!

As I’ve mentioned before – this collection is the most full-blooded of all I’ve done before – three original prints in several cuts along with a variety of accessories to choose from! I made sure to add more hand made detailing like hand embroidery or beading for many pieces to have that extra sparkle of uniqueness.

I am very happy that I finally get to share this dark set for you, dear friends and fiends. It has been long time coming, but I hope you appreciate the time and efforts I’ve put in all pieces.

Release info:

Pre-orders will be open 1st – 15th of May or until stock lasts.
Collection goes live at the following time:

12:00 EET

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