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Store update

Hello all! Wanted to make a small update about both shops.

I have updated all of the TicTail store, so all listings now include shipping. And if you would like to upgrade to Express shipping, you can do so, though “Additional” listing for both accessories and clothing. I feel that way it’s much easier on you. I keep “cleaning up” the listings to make everything clear and easy to overlook. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

On other hand, the workings of Etsy shop are changing and prices might need to be changed in time. I will not be changing anything until Hellocon, but I’m giving a heads up, in case I will have to after that. On the bright side – all items will be available on tictail for the same prices as they are now, they will stay so in the future.

That’s all for this small update.
Magical Mermaid previews and behind the scenes are all going to be up on EMIM instagram, so be sure to follow that!



Small announcement!

Hello, everybody!

I just needed to make a small announcement, that I will be closing the shop for a small period – from the 25th of January to 3rd of February due to personal reasons. Orders made previous to today will be shipped before the closing of the shop and things ordered from today to the 25th will be processed after the 3rd of February.

Thank you for your understanding!