I am so glad to finally share the shop I’ve been working on for months! I knew I wanted to add another shop for a while now and I eventually want to gather everything under “one roof”, so to speak and make a website, but that it still to come (maybe by the end of the year.. *fingers crossed*).


Tictail is the new platform I chose and it’s very easy to use on both ends – so far I’m super happy with how it looks, works and “feels”. Be sure to let me know how you like it! ^^

I plan to turn it into the “main shop” adding ALL of the clothing designs both OOAK and custom as well as accessories (more and more to come!) and jewelery, which is unavailable on EMIM etsy. Here’s a new examples (click the images to see more!)!


9 piece old school lolita set



Angel cross necklace



Eyeball pins



Loveless order pin



Moon hairclips

I hope you’ll love some of the news designs and there will be more to come! Be sure to let me know what would you like to see!

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