Discontinuing designs

EDIT: Updated shop with “Last chance” collection – for all designs to be discontinued and one of a kind items, that will be gone after sold. Click here to shop!

I’ve been meaning to many a coherent list of all the designs, that I will be discontinuing this year. I wanted to announce which they are, so you get a chance to order, in case you’ve been meaning to. But don’t worry – new designs are incoming! Some designs will just have altered details in bigger or smaller scale – just to refresh the shop offer.

Some designs I’ve already announced on facebook, but not all.  Click on the images to go to shop links. (more…)

Survey info and current order status.

Hello again!

I want to thank you all for taking the time to answer to the surveys! I really wasn’t expecting to get so many responses! The window to answer will be open till Sunday, so if you haven’t, please take the few minutes to answer some short questions!
I would like to add that I’ve expanded the prize pool for these to three prizes – one bigger and two smaller, so more of you get the chance to win something! ^^

Part 1:
Part 2:

On the status of order – I am having some technical difficulties with my sewing machine, so recent orders as week as orders for the next week might be slightly delayed. I will make sure to let you know, if the processing window will expand for your particular order or not.

Also, I’d like to add, that I will be re-sending  the last newsletter in hopes  that my slight changes will make sure that the e-mail reaches you this time. Fingers crossed!


Thank so much for taking the time to read this and see you soon next time!


Hello, dear storyteller! ♥

I have been meaning to keep You more up to date with the behind the scenes happenings and often times there aren’t that many exciting things happening. But there’s something brewing and I’d like to invite You to take a little peek! ^^ (more…)

Store update

Hello all! Wanted to make a small update about both shops.

I have updated all of the TicTail store, so all listings now include shipping. And if you would like to upgrade to Express shipping, you can do so, though “Additional” listing for both accessories and clothing. I feel that way it’s much easier on you. I keep “cleaning up” the listings to make everything clear and easy to overlook. If you have any suggestions, let me know in the comments!

On other hand, the workings of Etsy shop are changing and prices might need to be changed in time. I will not be changing anything until Hellocon, but I’m giving a heads up, in case I will have to after that. On the bright side – all items will be available on tictail for the same prices as they are now, they will stay so in the future.

That’s all for this small update.
Magical Mermaid previews and behind the scenes are all going to be up on EMIM instagram, so be sure to follow that!




I am so glad to finally share the shop I’ve been working on for months! I knew I wanted to add another shop for a while now and I eventually want to gather everything under “one roof”, so to speak and make a website, but that it still to come (maybe by the end of the year.. *fingers crossed*). (more…)